Best time to take advantage of the market and downsize!


Deciding to sell your home can be an exciting but also scary decision.  For some it's the thought of selling the home where all the family memories were made, for others it can be the daunting task of going through 20+years of stuff.  Selling your home is the time when you finally unlock your hard earned money you spent a lifetime paying into which can determine the comfort in which you retire. 

There has never been a more profitable time to sell!  With the current market condition we are seeing the highest prices we have ever seen and this will only continue as long as there is a shortage of inventory.  You've heard it before, sell high, buy low.  This is only the reality in our current market for those who are downsizing, this is your time!  Single family homes are at an all-time high for both demand and prices whereas the condo and townhouse market is still strong in activity but not seeing the same price increase.  If you are even a year or 2 away of considering a move you should reconsider and act soon. You may recall the extreme activity and last seller's market in 2006 and 2007, all came to a screaming halt April 2008.  It took 6 years for us to recover from that.  So many people felt they lost money after 2008 but the reality is you can't loose money you didn't have because you didn't sell your house.  Don't let this hot seller's market pass you by!  

We both have personal experience helping our parents downsize and selling our family homes. We have done the same for many clients. We pride ourselves on providing the personalized service you deserve coupled with the comfort of almost 30 years of combined proven real estate excellence.

What would you do with the money?

Retire with more money than expected?

Retire earlier than anticipated?

Take that trip you always dreamed of?

Pay off your kids student loans?

Give your kids a downpayment towards their own home?

The dream is all yours, let us help make it a reality?


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